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With packed coils and a large surface area, WRs are unconventional. Proper vintage spec have magnetic poles with a big brash and bright voice like a single coils on steroids. Or the later model which is much more akin to a standard humbucker.

My humbuckers are Hand-wound & are carefully mismatched to produce a wonderful musical clarity throughout the sonic spectrum, whether vintage or modern. 


Wired with 2 output wire as standard:

Red Hot, White Earth.

WR humbuckers are both 53.3mm string spacing

​Two purchasing options:

1: Buy my models from the shop section below - use drop down menus to customise.

2. For non-standard orders get in touch: Here

Standard Models

Light Wood Panel

The Small Range

Modern CuNiFe (FeCrCo)

Same construction as a WR, using magnetic screw poles, but in standard Humbucker size. 3x3 covers are traditional, but available in any humbucker finish.


Coming Soon

Light Wood Panel

The New Range

Alnico II, III, IV, V, VIII or Ceramic

Essentially this is a standard humbucker in a WR body, wound to WR output but with thicker HB tones. Similar to modern WR HBs.

Neck 9.0k
Bridge 9.6k

From £100

Light Wood Panel

The Old Range

Modern CuNiFe (FeCrCo)

The WR pickup's secret is magnetic poles. Originals used CuNiFe which is impossible to get these days. I use the next best thing, FeCrCo (sometimes called Modern 'CuNiFe'). Bright, articulate and punchy! Awesome tones!

Neck 9.0k 4.2H
Bridge 9.6k 4.7H

From £140

Optional Extras

Light Wood Panel

No Extra Cost

Overwound Underwound

Most Vintage wound Pickups can be Overwound to Vintage-Hot wind for more presence and for brighter guitars or just for a bit more grunt and a more modern sound.
All Pickups can be Underwound up to 10% for more clarity or for dark or hollow guitars. Contact me directly to discuss this option.

Light Wood Panel

+£5 each


Artificially aged or Relic'd covers for old looking pickups into old guitars.
Only available in plated Nickel or Gold (Chrome doesn't relic well with the method I use).
Each relic'd cover will age differently and look different. Black covers are relic'd physically.

Light Wood Panel

From £0


Pickups come Covered as Standard in Nickel, unplated Nickel, Chrome, Gold or Black.

Gold or Black +£10 each.

Note: The Range have silver/grey poles irrespective of cover colour. The New Range have matching colour poles.

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