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Modifying our guitars is a fulfilling and rewarding exercise, able to reap audible benefit from a modest outlay. That's my opinion anyway! I appreciate that not everyone is quite as happy to have a soldering iron in their cavities and may require a bit of assistance when it comes to the voodoo of guitar wiring. I am always willing to offer advice and tips and there are some really good sources of information out there to help in wiring-up your shiny new pickups with better pots etc... But if you want a relatively hassle free & time-saving way to get set-up without the finger burning fuss, then a Wiring Loom is the way to go.

I don't currently stock pre-made looms, so for now they will be made-to-order and subject to a wait-time in line with my Pickups.

The advantage of made-to-order is that you can tailor your loom to your requirements & budget.

I make my looms with CTS Pots, Switchcraft Sockets, Orange-Drop or PiO Capacitors & Switchcraft/Oak Grigsby Switches.

There are a few budget options if you need to save some money using pots & generic other bits.

I've used both and both work well and sound good.

Below are some generic looms for sale.

If you need something a bit more specialised just get in touch.

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