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Pickup Repair


Once potted and covered, pickups are sturdy & robust and will usually last as long as the guitar. There is a minority however which don't last the trauma of pickup swapping, the occasional soak in beer and general abuse. Each repair is unique to the fault of the individual pickup and the below prices are a rough guide. Once in receipt of the broken pickup I will attempt to diagnose the problem and get back to you with an accurate invoice.

  • Single coil complete rewind - from £35

  • Humbucker complete rewind - from £35 (usually only requires a single coil)

  • Partial rewind or repair - from £10

  • Repotting - £5


Pickup Rewinding


Although I would recommend my handwound pickups bought new, over a rewind, I understand that some want to keep the aesthetic of their old & worn pickup but with a new voice.

Pickups can be rewound to the Specs from the catalogue of FletcherPickups, or a variation thereupon. I cannot rewind a pickup to sound like another manufacturers model. Apart from infringing their intellectual property and generally being cheeky, most of the big brands are machine wound and therefore sound significantly different to mine. Also, other hand-winding pickups brands each have their own methods and nuances which give their pickups unique characteristics.

  • Single Coil - from £35

  • Humbucker -from £75

  • New magnet (Humbucker/p90) - from £5

  • New cover - from £12

Rewinds and repair can take as long, if not longer than new pickups to make so the usual patience is required during busy periods. Standard P&P charges apply.

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