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Small coils of wire around narrow bobbins, fat poles and a huge bar magnet.

Don't let the dc fool you into thinking Filtertron style pickups are soppy low output pup only good for polite rockabilly!

Available in standard Filtertron sizes: 

48mm Neck & 51mm Bridge (string spacing)

Top mount or ring mount. See below for other Options

Two purchasing options:

1: Buy standardised models from the shop section below - use drop down menus to customise.

2. For non-standard orders get in touch direct for a chat: Here

Standard Models

Light Wood Panel

Fletch O'Tron

Vintage Alnico V

Made with large magnets and wound to a low output, these are really bright and jangly - perfect for that rockabilly, Chet Atkins twang of yesteryear! Perfect for hollow and solid bodies. Due to the large magnets these are still able to push an amp and are surprisingly versatile despite their apparent low power

Neck 4.1K 1.4H
Bridge 5.1K 2.0H


Light Wood Panel

Fletch O'Power

Vintage/Hot Alnico V

Like the Fletch O'Tron, but with more power it provides more growl and warmth, while maintaining most of that sparkle. With more power, these will push an amp harder. My choice of Tron.

Neck 5.8K 2.4H
Bridge 6.5K 3.0H


Light Wood Panel


Modern Alnico V

Using the design of the Fletch O'Tron but with much more meat on the bones!
This retains some of the clear high ends and that low end presence, but with more in the mid range and higher output. Maybe too hot for the neck, the bridge is a powerhouse of tone! Full mids and tight bass.

Bridge 8.0K 4.5H


Optional Extras

Light Wood Panel

Gold & Black +£10


Pickups come covered as standard.
Covers are available in:
H-slot 12-pole & Open 'black-face'
In the following finishes:
Chrome, Plated Nickel, Unplated Raw Nickel, Gold
or Black

Light Wood Panel

No extra cost

Overwound Underwound

Vintage wound Pickups can be Overwound to Vintage-Hot wind for more presence and for brighter guitars or just for a bit more grunt and a more modern sound.

All Pickups can be Underwound up to 10% for more clarity or for dark or hollow guitars. Contact me directly to discuss this option.

Light Wood Panel

+£5 each


Artificially aged or Relic'd covers & poles. Old looking pickups for old guitars.
Only available with plated Nickel or Gold (Chrome doesn't relic well with the method I use).

Each relic'd cover will age differently and look different.

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