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Thanks Fletcher, finally put them in and I love them! Real nice upgrade, beefier but still super clear and first mid strat pup I actually liked. Many thanks! MG Vintage/Hot Alnico 5 Strat Neck & Middle.

The pickups are an absolute gem, I love what they've done for the guitar - one of those instances when you start playing and instantly know you've got something a bit special and out of the ordinary.......they are the nicest-sounding strat pickups I've used, and I've been through quite a few. Certainly the jazziest sounding, which suits me perfectly, but the chime is still there, and the quack all present in positions 2 & 4. I think perhaps you made me the pickups I wanted, but didn't realise I wanted. :D The guitar looks great - the pickup colour is a perfect match to the body wood. I said it before, but they are beautifully made also. So cheers, superb stuff that man!  GC Alnico 3 (Hum) Strat set with Flame Maple top.

Hi Ben, Sorry too reboot this email thread so long after I received the pickups. My god! These are exactly what I wanted and I didn't even know what is was I wanted!! You sir, are a wizard. All I can say is thank you! I will definitely be buying from you for any guitar builds from now on, and will most certainly be replacing the pickups in my other guitars as soon as I can afford to. Again thank you and keep being goddamn awesome! MC Big Bang! Set

I finally got the pickups installed. The epidemic shut everything down for a long time here in Croatia. So, I now had the chance to play with the guitar a few days. The pickups are really great. The humbucker sounds are great. I really like the way the neck humbucker sounds clean, I was really surprised how much I liked it. And the split coils are really amazing. My favourite is the middle position with the split coil engaged. Sounds great with chorus, as well as with fuzz. Thanks for making my old ordinary Epiphone into something really new and amazing. And so incredibly versatile. I can twiddle the knobs for hours.    MG Elysium Set.

Hi Ben. Just wanted to drop you a line as we’ve now finished the guitar build and the mini humbuckers are just awesome. Got them wired up and the guitar set up today and haven’t been able to stop playing it since! Thanks so much. DH 432 Mini Humbucker Set

Had some time to play around with the Prototype neck and bridge you did for me. MY GOSH these are incredible! Just what I was looking for. So bold and punchy it’s like my Strat wants to start fights! They cut through the mix so well.  Very very impressed! Thanks. ND

Just what I was looking for, - a warm and responsive bridge pickup, and a beautifully voiced neck pickup to match. Thank you! JC: Broadcaster spec telecaster pickups

All in , sounding proper good mate! Everything is more present and pronounced, the attack is sweet and the bridge pickup really bites. I overstrung the saddle for more sustain and the balance is lovely over the decay. Really pleased thank you. LE: Alnico 2&4 Vintage spec Humbuckers

Ben, just to say I put those pickups in my tele yesterday and they sound amazing.  Considering I was looking for some “cheap” pickups to stick in what would basically be a spare guitar, I am blown away - they sound better than the ones I took out of it that we’re more than double the price.  The neck p90 has a nice warm sizzle and the bridge still has the tele sound without being twangy, which is exactly what I was after.  I can see this actually being my most played guitar even when I build my new one.  Over the moon with them thanks. OC: p90 Neck, Tele Bridge

Holy ****! there is a lot of mids in these pups! I've had to change the eq on my amp. Sounds great, Quite different from the ec256 with the Purgatory. I think the Purgatory set actually have more meat and balls. Really happy with the SuperBlends, so much better than the .......... Set.  ND: SuperBlends 

Ben I said I’d get back to you after some solid gigging with my two V’s and here’s my thoughts, for what they are worth.

In my 67: The Home set are great, really cool and clear and articulate. Very reminiscent of that old Wishbone Ash thing, which is fine in my book. They don’t squeal and clean up nicely. The mix position is nice and snappy. Lovely. There’s a sweet, almost twangy top end.

In my 58: yes the hybrid wire set is the epitome of that 70’s rock thing. It might be the constructional differences between the 2 V’s but these ones are RAWK. Less subtle but boy can you pin people’s ears back. If people want that Joe Bonamassa Amos thing, these are the ones. Or Thin Lizzie. Or in my case, Saturday Nights All Right for Fighting...

Out of the two, i prefer the Home set and they hold up at least as good as some other pups I use regularly, eg Antiquities, Monty’s, Seth Lovers. In fact you would need ears like a bat to tell the difference between the Homes and the Seth Lovers.

Hope this helps if people come asking for advice. SB: Various Humbuckers 

Hi Ben, just wanted to say finally got the pickups installed this weekend and really happy with them. pretty much exactly what I was after and the difference between old pickups is very noticeable. the middle pickups in particular is really nice and I've never really been a user of the solo middle pickup. SJ: Mixed Alnico 2/5, radius matched Strat Set 

Sound flipping amazing! Do you sell many of these? They are great. - MJ: Big Fletch-o-Powers

The pickups sound absolutely perfect to my ears. I'm ever so happy with them. I'll definitely recommend them to my twiddly friends! - AS: Humbucker Rewinds

Hey dude, totally love that pickup. Sounds Huge high gain and stays amazingly clean even on a Marshall amp. Can I place an order for another one? - DH: Purgatory

Mate, these pickups are AMAZING! At practice last night I had the chance to plug in and turn up my AC30 to gig volume. The Fletch-o-tron in the neck was warm and crisp, lovely bass response with chimey treble, I can't get over the sound, perfect for soft atmospheric sounds and a glass like smoothness when overdriven. The Fletch-o-power in the bridge is classic rock Tone Heaven! Gnarly and bitey but cleans up in an instance, very receptive to the volume knob! I've saved the best till last though, the middle position is the best of both worlds, soft yet clear and full of bell-like clarity! I am one happy customer! - ND: Fletch-o-tron/power

Played a show last night and I love it! Exactly what I was looking for. Loads of output and mids without ever becoming mushy. The string separation, clarity and touch responsiveness are spot on! - RH: Experimental p5 Blender

Just gigged with your dog-ear...…... Brilliant! Exactly what I hoped for... Thanks. - GC: p3 Dog-ear

Installed the pickups a week ago, and they sound great. The alnico 3 bridge pickup with base plate really does deliver, it really does make playing a Strat in bridge position a great alternative to the brittle ice pick tones of a regular Strat in bridge position.
Alnico 3 really does give a woody twang in clean to light gain. And in cranked amp mode, it gets that lovely heavy compressed tone that regular Strat bridge pups don’t. Here’s a link to a slide show documentation with audio example featuring my latest Strat incarnation, that feature the full neck, middle, and bridge set made by you.
SW: Custom Strat set (3/5) with plate on bridge.

What are these?! They are actually the best pickup set I've ever played. I'm now trying to figure out how I can talk myself out of putting them in both of my Gibsons. Holy *** they are good - BudgetPedalChap: Blender prototypes.

The neck pickup on its own is warm and full, but clear and round. With the non cover option this has freed up the sound and the outcome produces a more strat sounding neck pickup. In the neck it truly sings, it's clean and fat, it also dirties up perfectly. The bridge has great bite and spank, but also the clean responsiveness. The bridge magnet combo also produces a fantastic, only what I can describe in an unresounding chunk!  
JG: Mixed Al2&4 tele set with birdseye maple tops.

Got my custom telecaster yesterday from Loxley Custom Guitars in Sheffield. At the heart of the guitar is a trio of handwound p90s from Fletcher Pickups. At the heart of this trio sits Alnico 5 sandcast magnets. I wanted to retain a degree of bright top end with a bit of old school spank and twang. The bridge pickups is bright and shimmery with a broad frequency lift in the upper mids contributing bite with convincing vintage quack. The neck pickup has a sweet more rounded woody undertone, but with great clarity and sensitivity. Ben managed to wind that right into these pickups. The outcome being a clear, tight detailed sound. The set achieves an almost fat on steroids Fender sound but, at the same time retains that smooth, creamy magic only found in p90s...………

     …….. a stunningly well voiced set befitting to be sat slap bang in the middle of this magnificently crafted guitar. - JG: p5 trio 

Thank you for the Splitter pickups - they are working great with the Triple Shots and the range and quality of sounds now available to me (single coil/p90/humbucker and combinations) is amazing! - GF: AlSplitter

**** wow. Pickups have totally transformed the guitar. Sounds amazing. Exactly what I had wanted all along. I now have a top spec sounding esp ltd for a fraction of the cost. So happy. Once again you have delivered the goods. Thank you so much. Only down side is my fingers hurt like hell as I can't stop playing. - ND: Purgatory 

Alright dude, finally got my Les Paul back from the luthiers and MY GOD! the Elysium humbuckers are absolutely incredible, I don't think I've ever hears better sounding humbuckers in all my life, the clarity when driven is insane, and the clean tone is so rich and full. The out of phase middle position is perfect for Greeny/Moore tone. Cheers dude! AY: -Elysium

FANTASTIC sound, really crunchy clear as a bell. BRILLIANT work, LOVE 'EM. FAIR PLAY UR THE DOGS ***** - DW: Hell LV.

Annnnnnd WE ARE GO!!! SEARING FILTH from the bridge humbucker & powerful smooth and clear lead and cleans tones from the neck aka **** YES! You're a top block and your customer service is fantastic -  thank you so much. The pickups are KILLER!! SG: Purgatory

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