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So named, as the U-shaped steel baseplate gives two extra point of magnetic field either side of the coil, broadening the overall width of sensitization.

Combined with a very low wind of very thin wire under a brass cover gives this little pickup a unique voice. Subtleties of the design changed many times over the years.

Mine pay Homage to the most famous set of all!

My TriSonics are scatter-wound with carefully selected wire into Air-Coils,

around vintage correct dual C1/Y10T grade ceramic ferrite magnets.

These are mounted onto a Steel baseplate and topped with a plated Brass cover.

Finished with Grounded two wire leads.

​Two purchasing options:

1: Buy my models from the shop section below - use drop down menus to customise.

2. For non-standard orders get in touch: Here

Standard Model

Light Wood Panel


C1/Y10T grade ceramic ferrite

Bobbinless'Air-Coil' wound with thin AWG44 around a duo of Special magnets.
Low DC and relatively high Inductance gives a bright articulate tone with controlled low end.
Designed to acheive 'That' TriSonic tone.

Neck 6.2k 1.9H, Middle 6.9k 2.4H, Bridge 7.5k 2.7H

£85 each £240 set/trio

Optional Extras

Light Wood Panel

£5 each


Artificially aged or Relic'd covers & poles. Old looking pickups for old guitars.
Only available with plated Nickel or Gold (Chrome doesn't relic well with the method I use).

Each relic'd cover will age differently and look different.

Light Wood Panel



Alternative to Black. Gold, Silver, Black & Blue foil.

Light Wood Panel


Non-Standard Covers

Plated or raw Nickel-Silver covers can be used for an even brighter tone.

Light Wood Panel


Vintage Correct Covers

Brass under Chrome, Nickel, Unplated & Black incur no extra cost. Gold is +£5.

Light Wood Panel

No Extra Cost

Overwound Underwound

Pickups can be Overwound to Vintage-Hot wind for more presence and for brighter guitars or just for a bit more grunt and a more modern sound. All Pickups can be Underwound up to 10% for more clarity or for dark or hollow guitars. Contact me directly to discuss this option.

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