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My Bass pickups are made to order/custom built, using top quality materials, including British Alnico poles and laser cut flatwork. We use only the highest quality coil wire to ensure optimal sound and tone. Whether you're a professional musician or a hobbyist, our Bass pickups are the perfect choice for achieving the perfect sound for your bass.

Two purchasing options:

1: Buy my models from the shop section below - use drop down menus to customise.

2. For non-standard orders get in touch: Here

Standard Models

Light Wood Panel

P.Fletch 50s

Vintage Alnico V

Warm, simple thump. Four long poles as a single coil, delivering smooth low end and pleasant clarity in the top ends.
Slightly staggered poles.



Light Wood Panel

P.Fletch Vintage

Vintage Alnico V

Delcious warming bass able to fill all the right gaps in the mix! Standard humbucking format in vintage output, available in Black or White.

11k 6.2H


Light Wood Panel

Mustang Bass

Alnico II, III, IV or V

Single Alnico poles per string, smaller & taller coils gives a characteristic voice.

7.5k 2.9H


Light Wood Panel

J. Fletch

Alnico V

Alnico V delivers the classic thump and high end plink of these most versatile pickups. Wound to vintage spec. RWRP

Neck 7.2k 3.0H
Bridge 7.4k 3.2H

£70 each £130 Set

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