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Late 60's/early70's Jedson Tele. Received unplayable and non-functioning, has been restored back to a well-playing guitar. Reworked & raised pickups. Re-fretted & well setup, this little beauty now plays and sounds really sweet.


Nut Width: 43mm, 1.69"

Scale length: 25.5"

Neck: 9.5" diameter Rosewood board on possibly mahogany neck. Vintage Chunky 'bat' of a neck. Perloid dots. Plastic nut/string guide with '0' fret.

Pickups: 2x Fletcher reworked single coils

Electrics: Master Volume, Master Tone. on/off switched for both pickups.

Hardware: All original. Some tarnishing.

Body: Unknown wood under not-too-thick ?poly

Weight: 2.8kg, 6lb.

Notes: Few minor surface blemishes, but really good for its age.  Neck is chunky and full, but easy to handle. Body has a lovely acoustic volume you get with old wood. Tremolo system works great until you use it! Notoriously not a great design bridge & Trem, but charming none-the-less. Pickups revoiced (still vintage) & repositioned - now sound articuate and sweet.


Jedson Tele

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