Fletcher Pickups  is a small scale Custom Shop of high quality hand wound pickups,

made-to-order using vintage spec parts, quality British-made Alnico magnets and only hand/scatter winding; for electric guitars & a small selection of passive Bass.

What's different between Fletcher Pickups and any other brand?

I use a hand-cranked winding machine, which is slower and much more difficult to use than a conventional motor driven winder. This results in supreme control of the coil pattern and coil tension and allows for more scattering of the coil, reducing the inherent capacitance, creating a richer, brighter tone (I tried using a motor, but preferred the sound the hand-cranked pickups produced!).

I am a Custom Shop so none of my specifications are set in stone - almost.

If you require something different to what is shown or something that is not shown at all, just get in touch and I shall attempt to achieve the voice you're looking for.

If you're searching for a new tone, or just want to experiment I will happily help.

How to Order


To order your pickups either contact me directly using the above or email me at ben@fletcherpickups.co.uk


I am based in Birmingham, UK. Pickups are made to order and usually take 1-6 weeks to complete. After you have inquired/placed an order and I shall determine availability and estimate a build time before emailing a detailed invoice including shipping. I do not stock pickups to buy off the shelf.


I use PayPal invoicing for payment. You do not need a PayPal account as any Debit or Credit card can be used to pay the invoice.

I try to respond to all enquiries within 48 hours and will respond to all enquiries.

If I have not got back to you after this time, something may have gone wrong, so please contact me through Facebook facebook.com/FletcherPickups or by clicking the Facebook Icon below.

If you are new to altering your own guitar, I freely offer advice on wiring setups and technical information.

The price of posting is added to the final invoice at £5 UK, £10 Europe & £15 US.


Stratocaster®, Strat®, Firebird®, Telecaster®, Tele®, Precision Bass®, P-Bass® and Jazz Bass® are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments (FMIC). FletcherPickups is not affiliated with Fender (FMIC),Grestch or Gibson. Grestch, Gibson & Filtertron are all registered Trademarks.

Fletcher Pickups does not share client data with any third party sources and does not gather personal data.

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