My Tele singles are scatter-wound with carefully selected wire

directly onto hand finished Alnico magnets, as they were originally designed.

These are mounted on laser cut fibreboard flatwork before being potted in wax.

I use period correct cloth covered hookup wire.

Vintage Standard Spec is Copper covered steel baseplate on the bridge and chrome plated, copper neck cover, with Flat or Vintage staggered bridge poles. See below for other options.

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Light Wood Panel


Vintage Alnico III

Not commonly seen on commercial pickups, these offer a warmer and more mellow vintage sound. With low string pull these will sustain beautifully. Great for mellow clean jazz tones and sultry country. Original Tele bridge was mage with thinner AWG 43 wire, for a more focused punchy tone.

Neck 7.2k 2.4H
Bridge 7.2k 3.6H @42 AWG
Bridge 8.5k 3.7H @43 AWG

£65 each, Set £120

Light Wood Panel


Vintage Alnico V

Used in pickups from the latter parts of the 50's to present. If you want that iconic twang, this is the pickup. Controllable bass, smooth mids and those ever present highs; accentuated by the steel baseplate of the bridge, and smoothed out by the cover on the neck.

Neck 7.2k 2.4H
Bridge 7.2k 3.6H

£65 each, Set £120

Light Wood Panel


Vintage Alnico II

Thin wire on both neck and bridge gives a punchy, quick sound, while the Alnico 2 poles give the warmth and smoothness. Not as over powered as it appears, these are well in classic vintage twang territory, with smoother treble response and warm lows.

Neck 7.2k 2.4H
Bridge 8.5k 3.7H

£65 each, Set £120

Light Wood Panel


Vintage Alnico IV

Unusual in commercial pickups, Alnico 4 offers similar power to the usual Alnico 5, but with less of the highs. A slightly warmer vibe, giving better string to string balance, or perfect for the classic twang from an overly bright body.

Neck 7.2k 2.4H
Bridge 7.2k 3.6H

£65 each, Set £120

Light Wood Panel


Modern Alnico V (or II, III, IV)

High output pickups for a more modern sound. With more pronounced mids and less highs, these have a more attacking tone. An aggressive twang. Made with slightly longer magnets, a stronger magnetic field yields a higher inductance into the coil for a higher overall output. Bridge poles are recommended as flat/non-staggered.

Neck 7.8k 2.7H
Bridge 8.8k 3.8H

£65 each, Set £120

Light Wood Panel

Big Bang!

Modern Alnico V

This is a pickup with more snarl than twang. Still voiced with that iconic sound but with large magnets and seriously overwound, this is a monster! Huge presence when clean and able to break up a tube amp at will! Would be a good match for a neck humbucker.

Neck 10k 3.8H
Bridge 14.6k 8.8H

£68 each, Set £135

Light Wood Panel


Modern Alnico V (or Ceramic, II, III, IV)

Tele Bridge sized Humbucker for those looking for a dominant lead tone.
Vintage-hot to Medium output, wound to taste.
Bobbins available in Black & Cream. Rails available in Black, Chrome or Gold



Optional Extras

Light Wood Panel

No extra cost


If you find your unwound strings on the shrill side, consider using a blend of magnets in the bridge pickup. With an Alnico 5 bridge pickup, using Alnico 2 or 3 in the GBE string position will smooth out the tones and add a little more warmth in your solos.

Light Wood Panel


Formvar Tele

Not traditionally used in Tele Pickups, Formvar is the type of coating on the insulated coil wire and is thicker than normal Poly insulated coil wire. This results in a fatter coil with more space between the wires in the coil. Resulting in a more open, airy 'vintage' sound.
Only available for Vintage Spec Bridge pickups. (the fat coil won't fit on the neck!)

Light Wood Panel


Open Neck

For the clearest tone from your covered neck pickup, use an open cover to expose the poles.
More akin to a Strat sound.

Light Wood Panel

No extra cost

Overwound Underwound

Most Vintage wound Pickups can be Overwound to Vintage-Hot wind for more presence and for brighter guitars or just for a bit more grunt and a more modern sound.

All Pickups can be Underwound up to 10% for more clarity or for dark or hollow guitars.

Light Wood Panel


See Through Neck

For a clearer tone from your covered neck pickup, use a Nickel-Silver cover instead of brass.

Nickel-Silver is more sonically 'see-through' than the normal brass & won't trim the top off your tone, while maintaining the traditional look.

Light Wood Panel

From +£15 each

Wooden Top

For an extra visual boost, the top flatwork for the bridge & uncovered neck pickup can be constructed from laminated sheets of real-wood veneer or occasionally from solid wood.
Popular woods include: Birdseye Maple, Flame maple, Rosewood, Zebrano & Mahogany. Enquire for choice and availability.

Alnico 4 'Clang' Pickups with Zebrawood top and brushed neck on custom built guitar
Alnico 5 'Twang' Pickups on a poplar/maple guitar with brass saddles & bone nut.

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