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Fletcher Singles Suitable for Fender ® Stratocaster

Glassy pure cleans to dirty overdrive and don't forget that quack! Vintage clarity to modern crunch!

Where would modern music be without that single coil sound?

My singles are scatter-wound with carefully selected wire directly onto hand finished Alnico magnets, as they were originally designed. These are mounted on laser cut fibreboard flatwork before being potted in wax. I use period correct cloth covered wire. The secret to the best sounding singles is the choice of wire and the winding technique of the coil.

Flat or Vintage staggered poles . Black, White or Cream covers.

Single - £35, Set - £95.

Pickups - Vintage

Optional Extras

Alnico III


Uncommon in commercial pickups, Alnico 3 gives a warmer woodier tone. Great for jazz and clean tones these have a natural singing quality due to the low magnetic pull and good sustain.


Neck 5.7 Middle 5.9 Bridge 6.4

Alnico II


My take of that early 50's sound, II's offer great sustain and warm tones, but with a bit more punch and clarity than III's.

Great for warm clean tones, but able to push into warm sweet overdrive.


Neck 5.7 Middle 5.9 Bridge 6.4

Alnico IV


Unusual in single coils, Alnico 4 gives a neutral string to string EQ balance. More warmth with mellower highs than Alnico 5, yet are more powerful than Alnico 2.


Neck 5.7 Middle 5.9 Bridge 6.4

Alnico V


Iconic tone! Clear and musical with plenty of grunt when pushed. Great usable clean sounds, but with versatility enough for Blues to rock. Tones we all know and love.


Neck 5.7 Middle 5.9 Bridge 6.4

Alnico V (III, II, IV)

In Shadow

Vintage low output for ultimate pure clarity. Staggered poles for the iconic bell-like chime.

Perfect for that early 60's sound.

Neck 5.6 Middle 5.7 Bridge 6.0

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Pickups - Modern

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Parallel Yell

Strat sized Humbuckers medium to hot output.

Overwound Alnico V (or II, III or IV)


For those seeking a Hotter pickup that sits between the musicality of vintage and downright dirt of some modern hot pickups, these are clear and musical, yet itching to let rip! Generally with less highs and more mids, great for thin or bright sounding guitars, or for a more modern sound.


Neck 6.4 Middle 6.6 Bridge 7.1

Overwound Alnico V


With thicker (6mm) magnets and overwound with thinner wire, these have proper balls! Still clean, clear and musical, these will degrade at will. Recommended with flat poles.


Neck 13 Middle 13 Bridge 14

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Overwound Underwound

All Vintage wind pickups can be over or under wound.

Overwound by up to 10% to Vintage-Hot output for more dirt or for a brighter body.

Underwind by up to 10% for clearer tones or for dark or hollow bodies.

No extra charge.

Blended magnets.

If you find your unwound strings on the shrill side, consider using a blend of magnets in the bridge pickup. With an Alnico 5 bridge pickup, using Alnico 2 or 3 in the GBE string position will smooth out the tones and add a little more warmth in your solos.

No extra cost.

Wooden Top

For an extra visual boost, the top flatwork for the bridge & uncovered neck pickup can be constructed from laminated sheets of real-wood veneer or occasionally solid wood sheets.

Popular woods include: Birdseye Maple, Flame Maple, Rosewood, Zebrano & Mahogany. Enquire for choice and availability.

From £15 per pickup.

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Pickups - Non-Standard

Alnico V - Vintage

DeFletcher2000 S

Based on the early Gretsch® single coils, designed to fit a Fender® Stratocaster

Made with thick 6mm Alnico poles and thin wire, produce clear ringing highs and tight bass.

Not your usual single coil

Available in standard configuration with RWRP middle as standard as a drop-in replacement


Neck 8.5, Middle 8.7, Bridge 9.0


£100 Set

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