My Strat singles are scatter-wound with carefully selected wire

directly onto hand finished Alnico magnets, as they were originally designed.

These are mounted on laser cut fiberboard flatwork before being potted in wax.

I use period correct cloth covered wire.


Available as Standard with Flat or Vintage staggered poles .

With Black, White or Cream covers.

See below for other Options.

1: Choose your Pickup Model

2: Decide on Look (Examples below) 

3: Optional Extras?

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Light Wood Panel

Forever Moore - Signature Set

True Vintage Alnico V

My take on True vintage pickups, based on an Iconic guitarists well known guitar.
Roughly equal output on all three, having a low wind, vintage output.
Volume balance is achieved by having a lower neck pickup, relative to a modern set. This results in a characteristic sweetness in the Neck pickup.
Made with staggered Alnico 5 magnets around Formvar coated AWG42 coil wire.
Formvar is vintage correct & thicker than regular wire coating, resulting in more space in the coil and a larger coil.
Inspired by a strat which Gave Moore!

All 5.7k 2.4H

£180 Set

Light Wood Panel


Vintage Alnico II

My take of that early 50's sound, II's offer great sustain and warm tones, but with a bit more punch and clarity than III's.
Great for warm clean tones, but able to push into warm sweet overdrive.

Neck 5.9k 2.5H
Middle 6.0k 2.5H
Bridge 6.5k 2.7H

£55 each, £150 Set

Light Wood Panel

In Shadow - Signature Set

Vintage Alnico V

Vintage low output for ultimate pure clarity. Staggered poles for the iconic bell-like chime.
Perfect for that early 60's sound. Inspired by the master of clean Strat tones.

Neck 5.7k 2.4H
Middle 5.8k 2.5H
Bridge 6.2k 2.6H

£150 Set

Light Wood Panel


Vintage Alnico IV

Unusual in single coils, Alnico 4 gives a neutral string to string EQ balance. More warmth with mellower highs than Alnico 5, yet are more powerful than Alnico 2.

Neck 5.9k 2.5H
Middle 6.0k 2.5H
Bridge 6.5k 2.7H

£55 each, £150 Set

Light Wood Panel


Vintage Alnico III

Uncommon in commercial pickups, Alnico 3 gives a warmer woodier tone. Great for jazz and clean tones these have a natural singing quality due to the low magnetic pull and good sustain.

Neck 5.9k 2.5H
Middle 6.0k 2.5H
Bridge 6.5k 2.7H

£55 each, £150 Set

Light Wood Panel


Vintage Alnico V

Iconic tone! Clear and musical with plenty of grunt when pushed. Great usable clean sounds, but with versatility enough for Blues to rock. Tones we all know and love.

Neck 5.9k 2.5H
Middle 6.0k 2.5H
Bridge 6.5k 2.7H

£55 each, £150 Set

Light Wood Panel

LunaPrism - Signature Set

Vintage/HotAlnico V

A set inspired by a certain thick lush Strat sound of the 70's. These are not vintage correct pickups, but pickups designed to make it easier to achieve a certain tone, rather than replicating a particular guitar.
Wound to near p90 output on a slightly deeper bobbin and using thinner wire this set aims to put body into the mids & to push your amp into thick and creamy distortion. Not really Modern output & retains the charm of a good Strat Pickup.

Neck 7.8k 2.7H
Middle 8.5k 3.1H
Bridge 9.0k 3.5H

£150 Set

Light Wood Panel


Modern Alnico V (Ceramic, II, III or IV)

Single Coil sized Humbucker for those looking for a thicker, more powerful tones.
Vintage-hot to Medium output, wound to taste.
Bobbins available in Black & White, Rails available in Black, Chrome or Gold



Light Wood Panel


Vintage/HotAlnico V (or II, III, IV)

For those seeking a Hotter pickup that sits between the musicality of vintage and downright dirt of some modern hot pickups, these are clear and musical, yet itching to let rip! Generally with less highs and more mids, great for thin or bright sounding guitars, or for a more modern sound.

Neck 6.2k 2.8H
Middle 6.4k 2.8H
Bridge 7.3k 3.5H

£55 each, £150 Set

Light Wood Panel


Modern Alnico V

With thicker (6mm) magnets and overwound with thinner wire, these have proper balls! Still clean, clear and musical, these will degrade at will. Recommended with flat poles.

Neck 8.0k 3.0H
Middle 9.0k 5.5H
Bridge 11.0k 4.6H

£58 each, £165 Set

Optional Extras

Light Wood Panel

No extra cost


If you find your unwound strings on the shrill side and pulling the strings, consider using a blend of magnets in the bridge pickup. With an Alnico 5 bridge pickups, using Alnico 2 or 3 in the GBE string position will smooth out the tones and add a little more warmth in your solos.

Light Wood Panel

From +£15 each

Wooden Top

For an extra visual boost, the top flatwork for the bridge & uncovered neck pickup can be constructed from laminated sheets of real-wood veneer or occasionally from solid wood.
Popular woods include: Birdseye Maple, Flame maple, Rosewood, Zebrano & Mahogany. Enquire for choice and availability.

Light Wood Panel

No extra cost

Overwound Underwound

Most Vintage wound Pickups can be Overwound to Vintage-Hot wind for more presence and for brighter guitars or just for a bit more grunt and a more modern sound.

All Pickups can be Underwound up to 10% for more clarity or for dark or hollow guitars.

Light Wood Panel

+£10 each

Formvar Strat

Used in the earliest pickups up until about'64, Formvar is the type of coating on the insulated coil wire and is thicker than normal Poly insulated coil wire. This results in a fatter coil with more space between the wires in the coil. Resulting in a more open, airy 'vintage' sound.
Only available for Vintage Spec pickups.

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