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70s spec PJ bass with a skinny Jazz bass neck. Stacked pots & 70s style wiring, with roundwound strings.


Nut Width: 38mm, 1.49"

Scale length: 34"

Neck: 12" diameter Maple board on maple neck. Skinny Vintage C-shape with really slim feel. Rosewood blocks, rosewood skunk. Bone nut. 

Pickups: Vintage P&J Fletch 

Electrics: Concentric pots for 2x Volume, 2x Tone. 70s spec wiring.

Hardware: Vintage style Axesrus Tuning pegs. Brass saddles on a top mount bridge. 

Body: Light Blue rinse (green) 2 piece alder. UltraThin Oil finish for maximum resonance. You can really feel it in your chest.

Weight: 4.2kg, 9.1lb.

Notes: Some buckle rash.  Skinny neck good for guitarists (like me). Nice pallate of sounds from the blended volumes/tones.


Fletcher PJ Bass

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