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P.Fletcher Bass

The simple mix cutting of the single pickup bass! One job to do & do it well.

Carefully selected pickup wire scatter-wound directly onto Alnico poles, mounted into laser cut fibreboard flatwork with cloth covered wire output. Vintage output with uncompromising thump!


£50 each


Optional Extras

Alnico V (or II, III, IV)

P.Fletch 50s

Warm, simple thump. Four long poles as a  single coil, delivering smooth low end and pleasant clarity in the top ends.

Slightly staggered or flat poles.


Alnico V (or II,III,IV)

P.Fletch Vintage

Delcious warming bass able to fill all the right gaps in the mix!

Standard humbucking format in vintage output.


Alnico V

P.Fletch Modern

Thinner wire and more output.

Growling thumping lows with a bit more push in the mids.

A more modern sound.


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Overwound Underwound

Pickups can be over or under wound.

Overwound by 5% for more presence & thump, or for an exceptionally bright body.

Underwind by up to 10% for clearer tones or for dark or hollow bodies.

No extra charge.

Blended magnets

If you're looking to smooth out a particular string, use a different magnet: Alnico IIs are warmer & smoother in the bass

No extra cost.

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