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Carefully selected pickup wire scatter-wound directly onto Alnico poles,

mounted into laser cut fibreboard flatwork with cloth covered wire output.

Vintage Output.

1: Choose your Pickup

2: Decide on look & any Optional Extras 

3: Order Here

P.Fletch 50s

Vintage Alnico V

Warm, simple thump. Four long poles as a single coil, delivering smooth low end and pleasant clarity in the top ends.
Slightly staggered poles.



P.Fletch Vintage

Vintage Alnico V

Delcious warming bass able to fill all the right gaps in the mix! Standard humbucking format in vintage output, available in Black or White.



Optional Extras

Light Wood Panel

No extra cost


If you're looking to smooth out a particular string, use a different magnet: Alnico IIs are warmer & smoother in the bass

Light Wood Panel

No extra cost

Overwound Underwound

Pickups can be over or under wound.
Overwound by 5% for more presence & thump, or for an exceptionally bright body.
Underwind by up to 10% for clearer tones or for dark or hollow bodies.

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