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With the warmth and power of a Humbucker & clarity of a single coil there is a reason these have endured.


With the power of two bar magnets and a big, fat coil of Scatter-wound, carefully selected wire, these produce an inimitable rich, barking clarity. Made with quality nickel baseplate, vintage-style fibre bobbin, adjustable poles and braided output wire.


Available in: Classic Soapbar in Black or Cream

£45 each

Humbucker size in Chrome (DC values for these are higher than stated below).

Classic Dogear in Plastic or Metal

£50 each


Optional Extras

Alnico III


With warm woody tones from the neck and smooth sustain from the bridge. The earliest p90s used Alnico 3 and produced smooth singing voices great for clean Jazz. My early 50's p90.


Neck 7.3k Bridge 7.6k

Alnico II


A smooth pickups with open woody tones from the neck and warm smooth tones from the bridge, With less mids than Alnico 3 and slightly more pronounced bass, this uncommon choice for a p90 is especially good for brighter guitars where more warmth is needed and for Jazz and clean Blues tones. Underwound slightly to retain clarity.


Neck 7.2k Bridge 7.5k

Alnico IV


Unusual for a p90, Alnico 4 offers a more even response from each string and bridges the balance between warmth and clarity. Brings a great sounding guitar to life. Greater power and suitable from jazz to rock.


Neck 7.4k Bridge 7.8k

Alnico V


Alnico 5 gives the bright clear and powerful tone. Clear highs, slightly scooped mids and beefy lows. Great for rock tones and screaming solos. Clarity and power! My late 50's p90.

Neck 7.4k Bridge 7.8k

Over wound Alnico VIII


Powerful Alnico 8 magnet and overwound with thinner wire, add more aggression and power to the mix. Clear in voice these sound more compressed and focused with plenty of bite. Great for breaking up a tube amp


Neck 10k Bridge 12k

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Soapbars come with Black or Cream covers included. £0


Humbucker sized pickup covers are available in:

Chrome 6 hole cover - £0

Open cover. Gold, Black or Nickel 6 hole covered - £10


Sandcast (as opposed to polished) magnets were originally used for p90 & HB pickups. For a more authentic tone.

The rough surface of the magnet unevenly distributes the magnetic field, resulting in a slight smoothing out of the top end.

+£4/pickup (Alnico 8 +£10)


Alnico 2, 3 & 5 are now available as polished, unorientated magnets.

During production, the crystals are not aligned north-south within the structure of the alloy, resulting in a more random distribution of magnetic flux. This produces are smoother, warmer tone with less attack.


Overwound Underwound

All classic wind pickups can be over or under wound.

Overwound for more dirt or for a brighter body.

Underwind by up to 10% for clearer tones or for dark or hollow bodies.

No extra charge.

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