Fletcher Singles Suitable for Fender® Jazzmaster

A mix-cutting top end, to a sultry bottom end - versatile pups dripping with cool. Iconic Surf to Indie.

My singles are scatter-wound with carefully selected wire directly onto hand finished Alnico magnets, as they were originally designed. These are mounted on laser cut fibreboard flatwork before being potted in wax. I use period correct cloth covered wire. The secret to the best sounding singles is the choice of wire and the winding technique of the coil. I also recommend using flatwound strings with 1Meg pots.

Black or Cream Cover.

£65 each, £120 a pair

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Pickups - Vintage

Alnico V


Vintage spec with narrow & wide coils for that warm & clear unique tone.

This uses the short pole pieces for that authentic clear voice.

Neck    7.5k  4.0H   

Bridge  8.0k  4.3H   

Alnico IV


Vintage spec with narrow & wide coils for an instrument with a touch less top end.

This uses short Alnico IV pole pieces, uncommon in these pickups, which gives a similar response to Alnico V, but with a pleasant slight trimming off the top end.

Neck    7.5k  4.0H  

Bridge  8.0k  4.3H   

Alnico II


Vintage spec with narrow & wide coils for a warmer voice.

This uses short Alnico II pole pieces which gives a smooth attack and with more warmth than Alnico V.

A mellower and warmer vibe.

Neck    7.5k  4.0H   

Bridge  8.0k  4.3H   

Alnico III


Vintage spec with narrow & wide coils for a really smooth and sultry vibe.

This uses short Alnico III pole pieces, unusual in these pickups which gives a really smooth singing voice with a woody expressive tone. More Jazz!

Neck    7.5k  4.0H   

Bridge  8.0k  4.3H   

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Pickups - Modern

Alnico V (or II, III, IV)

JM Plus

Wound slightly hotter and with slightly longer poles, giving a more modern push & higher output with a bit more low end.


Still retaining that classic voice but with more presence and better bass response.

Neck    7.9k  4.1H 

Bridge  8.4k  4.6H   

Alnico V

JM Fire

Wound significantly hotter and with longer poles to give a modern single coil sound to better push an amp.


Still with thin wide coils for that iconic tone, these add more power and mid response.

Neck    8.4k  4.6H   

Bridge  8.6k  4.8H   

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Optional Extras


Used in the original JM pickups, Formvar is the type of coating on the insulated coil wire and is thicker than normal Poly insulated coil wire. This results in a fatter coil with more space between the wires in the coil. Resulting in a more open, airy 'vintage' sound.

Only available for Vintage Spec pickups.

+£10 per pickup

Overwound Underwound

All Vintage wind Pickups can be Overwound 5% to Vintage-Hot wind for more presence and for brighter guitars or just for a bit more grunt and a more modern sound.

They can also be Underwound up to 10% for more clarity or for dark or hollow guitars.

No extra cost

Blended Magnets

If you find your unwound strings on the shrill side and pulling the strings, consider using a blend of magnets in the bridge pickup. With an Alnico 5 bridge pickups, using Alnico 2 or 3 in the GBE string position will smooth out the tones and add a little more warmth in your solos.

No extra cost.

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