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Carefully selected pickup wire scatter-wound directly onto Alnico magnet poles,

mounted into laser cut fibreboard flatwork, with vintage wire output.

Available in Black only.

1: Choose your Pickup

2: Decide on any Optional Extras 

3: Order Here

Light Wood Panel

Mustang Bass

Alnico II, III, IV or V

Single Alnico poles per string, smaller & taller coils gives a characteristic voice.

7.5k 2.9H


Light Wood Panel

J. Fletch

Alnico V

Alnico V delivers the classic thump and high end plink of these most versatile pickups. Wound to vintage spec.

Neck 8.0k RWRP Bridge 8.5k

£70 each £130 Set

Optional Extras

Light Wood Panel

No extra cost

Overwound Underwound

Pickups can be over or under wound.
Overwound by 5% for more presence & thump, or for an exceptionally bright body.
Underwind by up to 10% for clearer tones or for dark or hollow bodies.

Light Wood Panel

No extra cost


If you're looking to smooth out a particular string, use a different magnet: Alnico IIs are warmer & smoother in the bass

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